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Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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"Taking Care of Bussiness"
Champion Ram 2012 IA State Fair
Sire of "The Real Deal"
"Golden Jubilee"
Champion Ewe 2012 IA State Fair
2012 National Champion Ewe

2015 National Oxford Sale
Friday & Saturday June 19 -20
Springfield, Illinois 
Lot # 252   Yearling Ewe
DOA 14-069 NNPRR  Tw    3/28/14

Sire: DOA 13-033 NNPRR "The Real Deal"
Dam:  DOA 12-020 NNPRR

 She is sired by "The Real Deal" our 2013 National Champion Ram and one of our best Rumor Has It" daughters. The mothers twin sister was the dam of our 2nd. Place late Jr. Ram lamb and member of the first pair of buck lambs last fall at the National Show. Her genetic full brother was to head our National Sale consignment until we sold him privately into Ohio last week. This is the "Louisville Yearling Ewe" and is better than a our $3000 ewe at last years sale. This ewe is really good now and will be great in November.  Here genetic are proven to work.This is a chance to buy right off the top shelf in our flock.

Lot # 253  Yearling Ewe
 DOA I4-006 RR NN Tw - 1/20/14 

Sire: DOA 10-22 NNPQR "Trade Mark" 
Dam: DOA 12-007 NNP RR

"Trade Mark was donated to the Foundation Flock won by the Barrett Marshall Family of South Dakota. He went on to sire the top selling ewe lamb at the 2013 National Sale. Her mother has one of our keeper buck lambs this year. This offering is large, flashy, good footed, walks proudly, and will be a contender in the show ring and breeding flock.

Lot  # 252 Yearling Ewe
Lot # 254 *(sub) Yearling Ewe
DOA 14-072 QR-NNP Tw     5/10/14 

Sire:  DOA 13-033 NNPRR  "The Real Deal"  
Dam:  DOA 6033 NNP-QR

This young yearling is out of the 2013 National Champion Ram and a 9 year old ewe who lambed in the previous fall.  This girl is young and has plenty of grow left in her. If you think she looks good here, give her some time to develop and she will go past many that my place ahead of her that are mature.  Indeed she is stylish, extended, and throws a beautiful profile.  Her smooth straight line and swan neck adds to her beauty and elegance.  Her best days are ahead of her.

Lot # 255 January Ewe Lamb
  DOA 15-005 RR NNP -- Single -- 1/20/15

Sire:  DOA 14-033 NNPRR  "Big Deal" 
Dam:  B Marshall 346 NNRR

This was our first lamb sired by DOA 14-033 "Big Deal" our Champion ram at Iowa last summer and who went on to be first Early Jr. Ram lamb at Louisville and Res. Junior Champion at the National Show.  He was in our undefeated pair of Buck lambs and head our first place and Premier Exhibitor Flock at the National Show and Iowa.  "Big Deal was appropriately named as he has grown into the BIGGEST RAM we have ever raised.   His twin sister was champion at Iowa and Res. Grand Champion Ewe @ the National Show. She too has grown out beautifully! This is one of our top ewe lambs and out of a Marshall ewe who was top selling ewe lamb at the 2013 National Sale. This lamb is special!  I have to be crazy for putting her up for sale.

Lot # 257 Late Jr. Ram
DOA 15-028 RRNNP Tw. -- 3/01/15 -- 

Sire:  DOA 14-048  NNPRR  "Best Deal"
Dam:  DOA 13-016  (By "Rumor Has It")

This young lamb's daddy is "Best Deal" our Res. Grand Ram at Iowa last year and son of the 2013 National Champion Ram and  "Taking Care of Business" mommy. His mother is DOA 13-016 was second as a ewe lamb and member of the first place flock at Louisville last fall. Without a doubt this ram has extension, elevation, high tail set, and will get HUGE!  If you want a ram that will be tough in the show ring this summer and fall and make you a stud buck, look no further!  He is from the largest genes our flock has to offer.
Lot # 258 Late Jr. Ram

DOA15-030 RR NNP Tw --  3/02/15 --

 Sire: DOA 14-036 "Rare Deal"
 Dam: Houghtaling 333 NNRR

 "Rare Deal" was the 2nd late Jr. Buck Lamb at Iowa and Louisville and was a member of the First Pair of ram lambs at the National Show in Louisville last fall.  This ram lambs mother is Houghtaling 333 NNRR who was member of the first pair of ewe lambs and yearling ewes and flock at the National show at Louisville. For those looking for type, wool, bone, and thickness, look no further.  He is a good one that will do well in the show ring and breeding pen.

.Lot # 260 March Ewe Lamb
DOA 15-040 NNRR Tw -- 3/02/15 --

Sire:  DOA 14-048 "Best Deal"
Dam:  DOA 6033

 Her sire is DOA 14-048 "Best Deal" our Res. champ ram at Iowa last summer sired by the 2013 National Champion Ram and out of "Taking Care of Business" mom. This lambs mother is  DOA 6033 a 9 year old show ewe.This lamb is tall, long bodied, straight in her lines. She will grow and grow.

We would like to welcome everyone to this years National Oxford Show and Sale.  We are proud of the selection of sheep we are bringing for your inspection.  We have drastically cut the size of our ewe flock, so our consignment is smaller than usual.  I want to thank all who have inquired about sheep now and in the past.  We appreciate the traffic we have had this spring and want to thank our buyers off the farm as well as those who may purchase sheep in the past, and those that will at the sale.  

Shelley is putting the finishing touches on her painting "Guarding the Wee Ones" that will be auctioned off this year at the Oxford Auction sale day.  All proceeds will go to support of the National Junior Show this year.  If you think her original artwork for our junior members has been special in the past, this year's portrait is a "classic".  

Have a safe trip to and from the sale! God's speed!

                                                                                                                               Wayne & Shelley O'Brien